Spiral Hose Set (82903) – 10m with connectors

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This spiral hose is easily stored as it contracts its coils down to 40cm but can then be extended out to 10m. Its space saving design is a combination of modern materials – The diameter is less than a standard  hose but is great for watering, washing and cleaning around the home and garden. It is ideal for smaller houses and apartments or just for storing in the car boot. It comes with a 2in1 tap connector, a female water stop connector a female connector and a spray nozzle.

EXENDS  – from 40cm to 10m
COMPLETE – with tap and hose connectors
NOZZLE – comes with adjustable spray nozzle
SMALL – compact size stores in less space than a shoe box!

Size when stored
40cm long by 1-cm diameter
Weight 800g

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