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This week we introduce a new special offer feature for our website customers – these are a trade only – please register if you haven’t done already for access to the numerous offers and promotion’s we run to support you as our core customer.

Every week we will offer a small number of products at amazing prices- there will be a small quantity break – mainly to cover costs but we would encourage you to order more while you are taking advantage of these offers.

This week’s offers are nett priced amazing deals and are limited to a ‘when it’s gone it’s gone. We have a few hundred of each set aside for you and not to our non-web customer base-another incentive to join our growing number of web partners.

Only £5 nett each 

Minimum purchase of 16 pieces. Excluding VAT.

4 Socket Workshop Extension Lead (60072)

We designed this unit, especially for use in workshops. It has a tough construction with a reinforced body Strong enough to withstand most environments.

Each socket has its own power on/off switch with a neon indicator. The unit also has 2 dustproof shuttered USB sockets. They have electronic intelligent USB circuits rated at a maximum out of 2.4A – the clever bit is the device plugged into the USB is only charged to the level it requires-unlike inferior chargers.

If 2 devices are charging, it will apply more power to the one that needs it most. There are more-the unit clips into its own wall-mounted bracket, which has a built-in Mobile or notepad ledge. Handy if you need to follow youtube or even TV when in your workshop.

Minimum purchase 16 pieces at a nett price of £5 each.

A fantastic product unique to us at Rolson.

Deal of the week – while stocks last!  

This deal runs from Friday 5th March to Friday 12th March.

2 Socket 20m 13A Outdoor Reel (60096)

If you need power and need the power somewhere that it may run the risk of getting damp, this is the product for you. We don’t encourage the use of electricity in wet conditions, but some environments may be damp – or run the risk of getting damp.

For example, pressure washing, gardens, garages, use for pumps on swimming pools etc. This reel has 20m of 13A brightly coloured cable – so it can be seen and avoided. The two sockets both have independent covers to protect them while in use or storage.

The compact design encloses the cable and makes winding easy and simple to do with minimal effort.

Minimum purchase 12 pieces for a great nett price of £16

Only £16 nett each 

Minimum purchase of 12 pieces. Excluding VAT.

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