Multi Axe 12108 370mm 14inch 20Oz with non slip grip

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A compact hatchet which can both split and cut small logs is an ideal accompaniment for trades and serious campers. It is a really useful tool for cleaning wood and brush as well as splitting and shaping timber. Our 14inch 34cm hatchet is made from a strong single piece construction with a 7.5cm blade width. It also has a 4.2cm x 1.9cm hammer end which can be used with a hammer for extra power. Built in it has a nail puller and 13mm nut wrench. The non slip cushion grip ensures you have the same benefit of increased striking power and reduced

  • One piece construction of head and shaft for great strength and balance
  • Ergonomic two-colour non-slip cushion grip made from non slip material with textured strong handhold design
  • Great even in the wet through material technology design
  • Vibration adsorbing to reduce discomfort
  • Shaped handle for extra strong grip while wearing gloves
  • Modern patterned design for maximum comfort and stable working
  • Drop forged, hardened and tempered steel for additional toughness and longevity
  • 75mm cutting blade edge and 4.2 x 1.9cm striking face
  • Integrated nail puller and 13mm nut wrench in head
  • Ideal for splitting,shaping and chopping logs.
  • Girder “style” shaft acts as dampener while striking
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced design for reduced effort and more powerful fixing
  • Reduced weight in the shaft transfers the centre of gravity towards the head, resulting in improved balance and reduced effort.
  • Complete with hang hole and or lanyard facility lanyard hole allows for safe and secure tethering when working at height

Overall length 36.5cm blade 7.5cm x 13cm weight 20Oz 560grammes

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