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Brick Hammer 10435 20 Oz with non slip grip

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Brick Hammers feature a chisel end to score bricks, blocks or stone in preparation for breaking, or for shaping. The square chamfered head delivers a powerful strike and a clean cut. The head is longer than normal so it has extra leverage for breaking .It can also be used to tap bricks into place and it features a side nail puller for removing nails.

  • Ideal for general masonry use
  • One piece construction of head and shaft for great strength and balance
  • Ergonomic two-colour non-slip cushion grip made from non slip material with textured strong handhold design
  • Great even in the wet through material technology design
  • Vibration adsorbing to reduce discomfort
  • Shaped handle for extra strong grip while wearing gloves
  • Modern patterned design for maximum comfort and stable working
  • Drop forged, hardened and tempered steel for additional toughness and longevity
  • 22mm smooth square face with chamfered edges for accurate striking
  • 32mm sharpened, chisel end for brick cutting and shaping
  • Side nail puller with extended reach for extra leverage
  • Girder “style” shaft acts as dampener while striking
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced design for reduced effort and more powerful fixing
  • Complete with hang hole and or lanyard facility lanyard hole allows for safe and secure tethering when working at height
  • Reduced weight in the shaft transfers the centre of gravity towards the head, resulting in improved balance and reduced effort.

Overall length 28cm Head depth 18cm weight 560grammes

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