Tile Nippers 20530 : 200mm Drop Forged Steel with Spring Loaded Vinyl Handles

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Tile nippers are used for cutting and ‘nipping’ small pieces of tiles and other ceramic materials. The two 15mm (5/8”) are tungsten carbide tipped,sharp and treated for a long lasting life. They are commonly used with floor tiles,wall tiles,glass, mosaic and mirrors. The maximum cutting thickness is 9.5mm while a minimum of 1.5mm is safely cut. Sprung loaded PVC coated handles for maximum gripping strength and comfort. The spring action aids quickness and safety while in use. The body is made from a drop forged steel and treated against rust.

  • Durable: This tile nipper is made from strong drop forged steel
  • Straight cutting edges: Tungsten carbide 15mm (5/8”) Biting Surface
  • Jaws: Open to a maximum of 18mm
  • Rust Resistant: Treated against rust
  • Sprung Handles: Spring loaded handles to improve performance
  • Use With: Glass, porcelain,wall tiles,floor tiles
  • Cutting Thickness: Maximum cutting thickness is 9.5mm
  • Easy to use: The spring action reduces hand and wrist fatigue for easy tiling project.

195mm x 50mm wide

Weight 160g

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