Aluminium Adjustable Speed Square 50859: High Precision with Multiple Measurements and Marking Points

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A great speed square for use in workshops or out on site. It is constructed from strong rust-free aluminum with highly visible markings. To complement the other speed squares in our range this has an adjustable edge. It is a superbly versatile square that can be preset at a number of angles with friction tight fastening. It is thick and strong enough to be used as a saw guide or as a marking tool. The tool has numerous premarked measurements with markings on side in imperial and the other in metric. It has loads of special marking sto help with cut rooves inc hip,valley, com/jack, and plumb cuts

Aluminum: Lightweight but thick and strong
Clear to read: Highly visible markings
Adjustable edge: Pivoted with a friction-tight knurled control knob for any angle
Saw Guide: thick square edges are ideal as a saw guide
Plumb Square Cut: Pre-marked angles for many carpentry angles
Marking Preset: Precut marking lines at 5 and 10-mm intervals
Metric/Imperial: Double-sided with metric one side and imperial the other
Thick and sturdy: 5mm thick eliminates warping and buckling

330mm x 330mm x 5mm Thick


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