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Rolson Launches a NEW Range of Garden Tools for coming summer season

Rolson Launches a NEW Range of Garden Tools – Quality Functionality and Presentation is the key focus – providing the enthusiastic gardener with all the essential cutting, digging pruning and watering accessories in two finishes – Stainless Steel with beautifully finished Branded Ash Handles – the other, bringing together a combination of high-quality materials, abs, TPR material, zinc alloy, aluminium and heat-treated carbon steel to form an Attractively Packaged and Presented solution.

Retailers can make a highly visual Impact by introducing the NEW Rolson Range of Garden Tools and Accessories to their customers – benefiting from a small, but practical use of high-grade plastic coated backing cards, some in polypropylene, ensuring that the heavier items do not snap or break at the Euro Hook entry slot, from customers taking items off and on for closer inspection! 

Smart Display – Smart Products – Smart Move! 

Rolson is Breaking in to a NEW Energy Saving Light Market

Rolson is Breaking in to a NEW Market – Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs – we all have seen the variety of  entries to the market in this very competitive sector – Rolson are approaching this with a spin on the fact that we are not known for light bulbs – however we are known for delivering a quality range of diverse products that are now listed in most of the UK’s major retailers and distribution channels and considered to be a Branded Solution.

It is with this position that we go to market, enabling our customers to tap into a demand which has seen exponential growth recently, maintaining identity with a Trusted Brand, and added value to their existing ranges.

Rolson has chosen to package their bulbs using the same concept which has proven to be very successful for most of their products, and that is in a CDU, making choosing the right bulb first time, every time for the user, as you can just look at the fitting and know it is the right one – no box – no checking for fitting type – Another Bright Idea From Rolson – Get Switched On Now!

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